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"Bryony had helped me before with my shoulder and arm pain, so when the pain returned with a vengeance after two years I would have loved to see her again. But she was travelling at the time. So I saw two other practitioners for months and didn’t get better.

As soon as Bryony was back I booked a session with her. And lo and behold, my pain was 85% better after the first session! And got even better after that. I can use my arm again and can sleep without pain.

I like that Bryony is calm and knowledgeable; also that she has different treatment modalities up her sleeve. For me, one of her strengths is that she makes a clear connection to me and to my body and I feel safe and held throughout the treatments."

Eveline R. 

"Bryony has a wonderful manner that makes you feel immediately relaxed and at ease. She helped me enormously with a longstanding problem, and where others had failed, managed to gently remind my body to relax and create lasting equilibrium. Thank you!"

Hafidha P.

"I definitely recommend her! Before I met Bryony I was seeing a chiropractor regularly for a number of years for a back problem. The treatment there helped for a while but I always needed to go back a few months later with the same complaint.

When I started seeing Bryony for treatment I found that the problem could be eased quickly and effectively without frequent follow up appointments.


Bryony is kind, friendly and empathetic, and I find the treatments gentle and non-painful. Bryony seems to have a natural intuition that helps her to know exactly where to treat, even when I'm not sure myself.

On a different note, but not less important for me, is that I always feel safe and supported by her as a therapist and never judged"

Kerstin G.

'’I can highly recommend Bryony Richardson as an Osteopathic therapist. I had strong back pain and was not able to fully move my left arm. The treatment I had with Bryony was 100% successful: I have no pain and I am flexible in my whole body. Besides her knowledge in Osteopathy she was always friendly and listened to me. With her personality I immediately had the feeling that here is someone who I can trust and a person who knows what she is doing in her work. I am very happy that I found her.’’

S.V. Soppelsa

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