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What do Osteopaths Treat?


What kind symptoms can Osteopaths help with?


Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat a wide range of symptoms and may be able to ease:

  • lower back pain, both acute and chronic

  • pain or imbalance in the hips or pelvic joints

  • neck pain, and the types of headaches that are related to neck problems

  • shoulder and arm strain or pain

  • some types of nerve symptoms like sciatica or pain into the arms

  • injuries relating to exercise, sometimes called sports injuries

  • back pain during pregnancy or after birth

If you are wondering if Osteopathy or myofascial release may be able to help you, but aren't sure, why not get in touch with your questions? you can email or message me, and if needed we can also schedule a free no obligation chat where I can answer your questions over the phone.

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