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Gentle and Cranial Osteopathy in Motueka
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Welcome to Thrive Osteopathic!

My name is Bryony Richardson and I am a UK trained qualified Osteopath.

Osteopathy and cranial Osteopathy are safe, effective treatments for all areas of the body including the spine and other joints, muscles and connective tissue.

I treat using a whole body approach aiming to find and address the cause of your complaint rather than just symptoms. I specialise in the more gentle styles of osteopathy, including cranial osteopathy, but each treatment is unique to the client and can be adjusted to your preferences.

Thrive osteopathic operates from a quiet and spacious treatment room located in central Motueka.


Thriving is important to me! This is what I aim for in my own life and what I endeavour to enable for my clients.

Whatever that means to you - perhaps to decrease pain, increase your mobility or recover from an injury or chronic problem? Or maybe you aren't in pain but feel your body needs some fine tuning!

I am a safe pair of hands, and will take the time to listen to you and make you feel as comfortable and empowered as I can.

Don't just survive, Thrive!


Bryony is Fully Qualified and registered with The  Osteopathic Council of New Zealand

Osteopaths are required by law to be registered with the Osteopathic council. In order to remain on the register, osteopaths must have up to date qualifications, and complete further training every year.

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